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What Is Cybercrime as a Service?

The cybercrime landscape has evolved to become a highly lucrative and organized business. Using the as-a-service business model, cybercriminals are now offering their services and hacking tools to anyone willing to pay for them or split the profits. Here’s what this trend is about and why we should all be worried about our digital security. What Is Cybercrime as a Service? Cybercrime as a Service (CaaS) is the umbrella term used to describe an organized business model that involves malware de

What Is a Remote Access Trojan?

RATS or Remote Access Trojans have gone a long way from the prank tool 90s kids used to spook their friends. From simply opening CD trays and controlling computers remotely to scare their victims, it has evolved into some of the most prevalent malware in the wild. Here’s everything you need to know about this Trojan and what you can do about a RAT infestation. A RAT is a Trojan, a type of malware disguised as something else that victims need—like a legitimate file, program, or app. It tricks

GET OUTDOORS: 90-plus hiking trails and nature spots to explore in Ontario

It’s time to peel yourself away from the computer, unplug your devices and reconnect with nature. And there are plenty of sights to see and things to do across the province. Some of the more than 90 hiking trails and nature spots featured in the map below will take you through Ontario's most scenic routes, while others will bring you through paths that offer some of the most breathtaking views. Click on the icons for trail and nature park details. While there are hundreds of hiking trails ac

‘I do not feel safe going on campus’: OCUFA president, U of Waterloo faculty voice safety concerns as students head back after triple stabbing

‘I do not feel safe going on campus’: OCUFA president, U of Waterloo faculty voice safety concerns as students head back after triple stabbing Faculty confederation president says there is need for more impactful change The Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Association is calling for changes to ensure classroom safety.

What You Need To Know About Golang-Based Malware

Golang is becoming the programming language of choice for many malware developers. According to cybersecurity firm Intezer, there’s been an almost 2000 percent increase in the number of Go-based malware strains found in the wild since 2017. The number of attacks using this type of malware is expected to increase in the next couple of years. What’s most alarming is that we’re seeing many threat actors who are targeting multiple operating systems with strains from a single Go codebase.

Everything You Need to Know About NetWalker Ransomware

Netwalker is a strain of ransomware that targets Windows-based systems. First discovered in August 2019, it evolved throughout the rest of 2019 and into 2020. Significant spikes in NetWalker targeted attacks were noted by the FBI during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. Here's what you need to know about the ransomware that has attacked major schools, healthcare systems, and government institutions throughout the US and Europe.

Were You Affected By the DoorDash Data Breach?

The demand for food delivery services like DoorDash has skyrocketed in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. Since we give these apps a treasure trove of personal and banking information, you need to ask yourself, is my information safe? A massive DoorDash data breach by a third party was discovered in May 2019. A slew of personal information and financial details were compromised during the leak putting many at risk of a cyberattack. So how do you find out if you were affected by the DoorDash

Slow death by a thousand cuts: Why microaggression can be more insidious

“No, but where are you REALLY from?” people will insist. It’s a question many racialized persons, even those born in Canada, are often asked, because for some people, “Toronto or Vancouver” can’t be the right answer. People who ask this are often not aware of the derogatory message they are sending. But for a racialized person, the message reverberates and seeps deep into their bones — someone who looks like you is a perpetual foreigner, an outsider forever. Racial microaggression is often r

What You Need To Know About Swatting

Imagine opening your door to see a swarm of heavily armed SWAT officers pointing their guns at you. You don’t know what’s happening. You have no idea why they’re raiding your home and kicking doors open. If this happens to you, you’ve become a victim of swatting. This means that someone placed a hoax 911 call to send authorities to your house. Many celebrities have become victims to this insidious “prank” and while it might seem like a joke for some, it can become extremely dangerous, even dead
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