Hiking trails and natural wonders you can escape to near Toronto

Restrictions are slowly being lifted across the country. More places are starting to open up to visitors and like hundreds who had to spend months on lockdown, you could be craving for some fresh air and lots and lots of open space where you can run around ala Maria on The Sound of Music. The bad news is you can’t exactly do that in downtown TO because one, even parks there are crazy-crowded these days, and two people might think you’ve gone cuckoo after the lockdown.

Off The Grid Canadian Locations You Must Visit

There’s more to Canada than the Niagara Falls and the CN Tower. With its vast geographical coverage that spans 3.8 million square miles or 9.9 million square kilometers, it’s the second-largest country on Earth. And within this vast territory are hidden gems waiting to be explored. Who knew you could find a long-lost North American Viking settlement, a charming hobbit village, the mythical unicorn of the sea, and a tiny desert, yes the smallest one on Earth, in Canada!

12 of The Most Expensive Countries To Travel To

There are places for budget backpacking travelers, then there are places like the ones on this list that are ready to burn a hole in your pocket and drain your bank account. We’re talking expensive hotel stays, exorbitant taxi rates, and pricey fine-dining to spoil your palate. If money is no object and you’re looking for a place to travel and spend serious amounts of cash, here are the countries that are mainstays in many most expensive lists based on studies like the ones published by Hoppa ...

10 Most-Visited Canadian Cities

Canada is a beautiful country replete with majestic wonders of nature and brimming with opportunities to connect with wildlife. But aside from its famous nature spots Canada is also home to many modern metropoles that have welcomed people of diverse cultures from all over the world. Cities like Toronto and Vancouver are melting pots of various cultures where people of different backgrounds share their cuisine, language, music, and arts. From the glistening lakes of Banff to the skyscrapers in downtown Toronto...

10 Best Countries For Solo Travelers

Not much in life is as transformative as solo travel, and it is not just for the lost or broken-hearted. Many consider traveling the best education money can afford, and solo travel is food for the soul. It allows you to see the world in a different light, one that the office cubicle might not have afforded. Traveling sans companions allows you to march to the beat of your own drum, quite literally. You will not have to wait on others, and you can just let your feet take you wherever you want.

8 Amazing Must-Visit Sites in Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe has been seeing an increase in visitors in recent years thanks to the worldwide smashing success of HBO’s Game of Thrones (GOT). A Eurail ticket will take you to many of the shows filming locations including Dubrovnik, Split, and Ston in Croatia located in Southeast Europe. GOT fans might recognize Dubrovnik’s enchanting walled city and majestic port since these were used as the main filming locations for scenes set in King’s Landing, a fictional kingdom that is home to the show’s iron throne.

10 Apps Every Solo Traveler Needs

There are a million and one reasons why solo travel should be in your bucket list. Many believe you have to travel alone at least once in your life. It’s an experience that will teach you so many things about the world and about yourself. You’ll know how it’s like to depend on yourself, to make decisions for yourself, and discover things on your own. But solo travel has its challenges, for one, you won’t have anyone to help you while on the road. Luckily there are now many apps for everything ev

10 Must-Visit Ski Resorts From Around The World

Guaranteed snow, check. Reliable lifts, check. A variety of natural terrain, check. Accommodation and entertainment, check. These playgrounds for snowsport aficionados have everything you need for a fun ski vacation. Most of them have a variety of natural terrains perfect for both novice and experienced skiers. Hobby skiers and those who just picked up the sport can take level-specific lessons and have a fun family vacation with their top-notch accommodations, restaurants, and other amenities.

Virtual Places Around The World You Can Take Your Kids To During The Lockdown

So before they run out of Netflix episodes to binge watch and start thinking of ways to entertain themselves, here are some virtual places your little ones can visit while stuck at home. This is a fun boredom-busting idea all members of the family can enjoy. Yes, including little ones who may be too small to ride the real thing, and grown-ups who chickened out the last at the last in person visit. While the aquarium is closed right now, kids can still visit many of their creatures through live

8 Underrated Parts Of New York City Every Tourist Has To Visit

Everyone wants to see the city that never sleeps, where too many blockbuster movies have been filmed, and TV shows have been made. You may recognize many of its streets from a scene in a movie or a series. It has lots of famous tourist spots for first-time visitors. But if you’re seeing the place for the second or the third time and you’ve already scoured the main attractions in the past,where else can you go? We’re giving you a list of some underrated places you may have not seen in movies, sh

Safest Cities Around The World To Visit As A Solo Traveler

Safety and security are among the top considerations for solo travelers when choosing a place to visit on their own. Since traveling involves exploring areas previously unknown, it is important to read about the country’s safety index among other things even before flying there. This is especially true if you are going to travel solo because as much as it is liberating and exciting to enjoy such independence abroad, it can also be scary for some considering you will go around without anyone else

The World's Most Photographed Ruins

The world is replete with hauntingly beautiful ruins spread across different continents. They have survived for hundreds if not thousands of years, through generations and civilizations. While most of them are just composed now of ashes, bricks, and pieces of stone, a mere fragment of its once grandiose existence, they are still as enthralling and captivating. This is why people continue to flock to these sites to photograph them. Here are just some of the world’s most photographed ruins that h

Here's Your Travel Guide To Costa Rica

Costa Rica, one of the safest countries in Central America and a favorite among American tourists, is teeming with beautiful flora, unique fauna, and packed to the brim with awe-inspiring sites to see. It offers visitors a beautiful hodgepodge of ancient gems, geological wonders, fun activities for adventure junkies, and unique dishes to try. Although travel and accommodations are a bit more expensive compared to other Central American countries, with a very low crime rate and all the fun thing

10 Places To "Take" Your Kids To While In Self-Isolation

The spread of coronavirus worldwide has forced many families indoors. Companies have ordered employees to vacate their offices and work from home, schools have been closed. Playdates and other gatherings have also been canceled. All travel plans have been put on hold as we are all asked to stay home to flatten the curve. To flatten the curve means to limit the spread of the virus so we can give our overwhelmed health care systems enough time to catch up. RELATED: 10 Fun Activities For Your Litt

5 Honeymoon Destinations That Will Feel Like Luxury But Won't Break Your Budget

While a couple’s honeymoon is supposed to be a trip to remember it doesn’t have to be crazy expensive that they won’t have enough savings left when they get back. There are still so many expenses a couple needs to be ready for as they start their lives together. A honeymoon can be romantic, memorable, and special but not necessarily expensive. Many locations will make one shell out a fraction of what they would in other more well-known places. Plus, these destinations are not as crowded and busy as most popular tourist destinations.

The World as Seen Through Windows

The Switzerland Tourism Board released a video with a bittersweet message: "Dream now, travel later." It’s the least we can do with this virus still lingering outside after wreaking havoc on the airline and travel industry all over the world. Even after this pandemic is over, many experts believe that people will be wary about traveling and it might take a few years for most to feel comfortable to go around the world again. For now, all travel bugs can do is dream and travel later. With travel

8 Travel Destinations That Will Never Be The Same Again

This pandemic has upended people’s lives in ways nobody expected. It has changed the way people educate their children, work, and interact. Many experts believe that after this experience the world will never be the same again. Many companies will adopt a work-from-home set-up, schools will integrate more virtual classes, and it will take a while before people will have the courage to travel to distant destinations again. Even when tourist spots open, people will still be wary of strangers and k

Switzerland: Beyond the Chocolate

Staring at a picture of the Swiss Alps behind a chocolate bar, I wondered how the real thing would look like. I imagined a real life Willie Wonka factory, with forests, meadows, and prairies abound with chocolate. Just before drooling on my seat, and chewing on the cabin crew’s arm, she called my attention and asked me to fasten my seatbelt, for we were about to land in Switzerland. After weeks of going around this country, I discovered what really lies behind a bar of Swiss chocolate. It wasn’t Wonka’s factory alright, but it was so much better than that

10 Popular Corner Store Items From Japan Not Available In The US

Japan is on many people’s travel bucket list. A lot of travelers from all over the globe dream of someday visiting the land of the rising sun for good reason. The country offers tourists a fascinating ancient culture, exquisite natural wonders, and mouth-watering gastronomic fares. But the place is also notoriously expensive that it’s a mainstay in many lists of the most expensive places to visit. But you don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune to enjoy Japan if you plan, do research, and fin
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