Loraine Centeno has been editing and writing for newspapers and magazines for more than 10 years.

She is currently working as an online editor for Torstar’s community newspapers based in Waterloo Region and Guelph. 

The hero fathers of Marawi

As the Marawi conflict rages on, we are seeing more of what our soldiers are willing to do for the nation. We are witnessing gallant warriors in battle, saving civilians, clearing the besieged city of the local terrorist group Maute. These soldiers have sworn to protect the flag and the nation with honor. They are willing to die so others may live. But what some of us might have forgotten is that underneath the camouflage and full battle gear is a husband, a father, a son, a brother. Every day
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Love Beyond Borders

“Ced was part of a band in high school. My friend, who was their bassist, introduced him to me. Then we became close friends,” Angel Matunog giddily recalls. The high school sweethearts soon became a couple and were happily counting anniversaries. But it was not until their 9th year together that their love was put to the test. Angel was offered a job as an analyst for a bank in Singapore. While there was the fear of putting a strain on their relationship, the pull of greater opportunities abroad and the promise of making a better life for herself and her family, made the then 26-year old accept the offer. Now, after a year of being miles apart, they have managed to make the relationship work. Millions of Filipinos are venturing outside of the country each year in search of the proverbial greener pastures. Angel is one among the millions of Filipinos who have left a loved one back home. According to the Social Weather Station National Survey of 2004, over 52% of Filipino families have loved ones living and working abroad. This percentage includes the millions of couples who are now in what people call long distance relationships or LDRs. Call Me When You Get There On any given day, at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, you will witness a scene straight out of a StarCinema movie. It is a sea of goodbyes — those leaving give those left behind a final hug while whispering a promise that is both heartbreaking and filled with hope: “I’ll come back for you.” or “We’ll be together again soon!”
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